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Integrity Marketing

The Jaguar – Power, Effort, Integrity

Business owners and marketing managers must consider how to effectively allocate their marketing dollars. Choosing where to spend your marketing dollars is important for a good return on investment. But did you know that marketing & advertising also has an integrity meter? In this article, we are on the prowl for the benefits of Integrity Marketing.

Integrity in advertising refers to the degree of honesty and sincerity of the methods used to turn a prospect into a buyer. It can also mean whether your company’s value system is in alignment with the value system of your marketing approach, and ultimately, the value system of your buyer. How closely you match your advertising campaigns to the values of your buyers is a key component in effective advertising.

Approach Integrity Marketing with a top down analysis; Start with your end goal of realizing sales, then consider the values of the people or companies who will purchase your goods and services. Are they people who are interested mainly in economy over quality; personal enjoyment over community welfare? Are they profit minded companies who focus primarily on their bottom line? Are they individuals who care about the environmental impact of their buying decisions? Perhaps your main target market is companies who employ conscious capitalism in their business philosophy. This analysis allows you to get a picture of your prospects and clients and how they will perceive your marketing campaigns.

Savvy companies have already aligned their marketing values with the values of their target market and they seek out potential clients whose values will resonate with their own. Syncing your values with your market helps in retaining clients who will reap the most reward and become repeat buyers. Similar value systems can also ease the process of prospecting and transacting, making it a successful and enjoyable experience for all.

When deciding on any method of advertising, consider whether it is in line with your marketing philosophy, and how ads or webpages can be customized to reflect your values. For instance, squeeze pages or lead pages are a great way to bring an opportunity directly in front of your viewer, saving them time and providing incentive with a free offering. However, I am personally not a big fan of the count-down timers often used indiscriminately on these pages. I believe that many sellers actually have the special running ongoing, so there is no real time limit. Our business philosophy is all about high integrity and transparency, so a false deadline strategy does not match up.

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