E-brochures, The Green Way to Deliver Messages

E-Brochures Can Achieve Your Goals

Electronically delivered brochures (e-brochures) are an effective way to send your message, drive traffic to your website, build your prospect list, or strengthen your customer relations. An effective e-brochure is professional both in design and content and easily identifies your company by incorporating your branding. Not only do you save printing costs, but your company instantly gets a “green” note, since you are supporting the philosophy of conscious capitalism.

A digital brochure can help facilitate the 2-way communication between you and your audience, which is essential to effective online marketing. For instance, you can design e-brochures with expert information that potential customers are seeking out. Offer up the digital freebie via your webpage, in exchange for joining your e-news. These warm prospects who have been browsing your site will automatically receive this valuable information to their inbox, along with your special message. You now have the opportunity to follow up and turn these visitors into hot prospects then … customers!

Another approach is to send your e-brochure to an existing list of prospects, customers, or associates and draw their attention to your latest sale offerings or specialized services. Electronic brochures can contain not only webpage and email links, but also telephone links to include in your Call-to-Action. One click and their computer or smartphone is dialing you direct to find out more!

The possibilities are endless! Need ideas? Reach out to us.

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