Benefits of E-news for entrepreneurs

Benefits of E-news

Eco-friendly business practices and the ability to work remote are just two of the benefits of e-news. Traditional print methods require costly papers, ink heavy designs, printing equipment and carrier services. But you can create electronic news from just about anywhere in the world with a mobile device, decent Internet connection, and some great tips!

e-News Subscribers

One of the main benefits of running an e-news service is to build your base of prospects and customers, while delivering a personalized opt-in service directly to your reader’s inbox. A simple form on your website or social media can capture a subscriber’s name & email to add to your e-news list. Consider offering an incentive such as a freebie for new subscribers. A one-time discount or giveaway, such as a “Top 10 Tips” e-brochure, video or audio clip can offer value without incurring repeat costs to your business.

You can also gather subscriptions in person with trade shows, appointments and special events. Just be sure that all signup sheets clearly state that the person is subscribing to receive your e-news. Permission marketing requires that user signup is voluntary. Try offering a confirmation checkbox with an e-news signup option on printed marketing materials.

Writing Your E-News

Your writing subject is simple if you have some urgent news about an open house, new product line, or changes to your services or operating hours. Finding topics that will keep your audience engaged can be a bit more challenging. Start by changing your perspective to that of your market. For instance, what information is needed in order to make a buying decision? What problems are common in the aftermarket for your products? You are in a great position to offer experience that is of value to prospective buyers. Empowering your subscribers with knowledge will strengthen customer relations and promote your company’s reputation as an authority in your industry.

As your prospect list builds, your opportunity is to encourage ongoing engagement and two-way communication:

  • Offer relevant links to your webpages and articles.
  • Provide sales incentives, promos or discounts.
  • Offer free, short consultations for first time clients.
  • Inform your readers of breaking news and upcoming events.
  • Encourage questions and ask for opinions or feedback.

E-News Delivery

Many businesses who recognize the benefits of e-news start by using their in office email communication. Most email programs allow you to create a group, to which you add your subscribers, then simply draft an email, edit, and send it away. However, it is important to check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or email provider to see if there are limits on their mail servers. Some providers have a maximum number of recipients you can send to at one time, others may have more stringent filters meant to limit spamming activities on their mail servers. Always check with your provider as failing to meet this criteria can result in poor reputation of your service and blockages in sending or receiving email.

It is also important that you abide by Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, CAN-SPAM’s requirements, or any legislation relevant to your jurisdiction. This typically includes that your list consists of voluntary “opted-in” subscribers and that an “unsubscribe” method is provided in each enewsletter.

Benefits of Professional E-news Services

Professional e-news services are popular for optimal benefits of e-news; their mail servers are designed to handle mass mailings while providing the highest delivery rates. Your subscriber lists come with built-in management tools to help keep your lists current, and one-click buttons can scan your drafts for any spam issues prior to delivery. A service we like, Mailchimp also offers click tracking tools, social media integration and more to promote the success of your email campaigns.

Many people need a little knowledge or assistance to get started. We can help you set up an e-news account and connect signup forms to your website and social media. With expertise in copywriting, web design and marketing, LANiMedia is also well equipped to provide full e-news services for your business. Feel free to reach out for all the details.

E-news can build your prospect list and promote communication. Stay tuned for how Blogs provide website content for keyword ranking in search engines.

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