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Website Design and Development

This is where art and technology come together in harmony; it takes both to create a visually attractive, easy to navigate and functional website. But that is just the beginning. It takes a unique set of artistic, techy and savvy marketing skills to create a powerful, polished online presence.

Your website needs to have a goal or purpose and be a part of your overall business plan. A simple informational website starts with good write ups and photos for your company profile, services or products for sale. Include a contact page and you're all set, right? ... Actually, there are quite a few key considerations for building even the most basic of websites:

  • An effective website includes content designed both for your target market and the search engines, like Google. Your copy should consider key words and phrases, conversational flow and marketing objectives, while keeping your audience engaged. A professional copywriter with Search Engine knowledge can provide all this and more.
  • Will you sell products or services online? Whether or not you have an ecommerce solution within your website, you are still selling and you want your visitors stay on your website and do something... So how about a "call to action"?
  • When planning what information to provide your website audience, have you thought about how an exchange of information might better suit your marketing objectives? There are solutions to achieve an ongoing flow of information, including online communities, social media or eNews marketing.
  • How do you want your webpage info to display on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones? A professional website design considers scalable, flexible or responsive options when developing your website.
  • Will you handle updates in-house or contract out your webpage maintenance? We can help you consider the costs and benefits to both. Our Client Managed Systems are easy to learn and login accessible.
  • And of course, we have your solution for creating your eCommerce website. From simple secure online forms to full featured shopping carts, it's all about making the shopping experience easy and enjoyable... Hint: that's why there are comfy chairs and ice cream shops in the shopping mall.
We can make it happen. Let's talk about Website Design!