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Copywriting & Blog Writing Services

To write good copy for blogs, webpages or social media, a unique set of skills are required; excellent copywriting skills, marketing intelligence, and keyword knowledge are essential in meeting your online marketing goals.

Blog writing and content copywriting require solid writing skills; Effective use of language, creating a 'tone' relevant to the project, and expressing thoughts with a unique twist. Your reader will prefer interesting content that is both informative and easy to understand.

Creating online content builds on the traditional writing approach and presents new challenges. Let's look at some key points for creating great digital content:

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Blog Writing

Creating a blog is a popular approach to attracting new business and improving results in search engines. Blog articles are presented to your audience to inform or entertain, providing value to your readers. Your blogging strategy might be to write articles based on your expertise in your field. By educating your readers, you help them to make better buying decisions. Choose to write a blog that puts your audience at the center and you will strengthen the relationship by establishing trust. Blogging is an opportunity to increase integrity in your business and define your customer service policy as one of caring.

Consider the overall marketing goals for your business before starting your blog to make sure they are in sync. You will naturally start using "keyword phrases" related to your industry or product knowledge while writing your articles. Make sure these words and phrases match up with how you want to be found in searches. Create a list of 10 or more keywords that are valuable to your online presence and keep these handy when researching topics and writing your articles. (See more on seo and keywords in the next section.)

Blogging can be time consuming and skill heavy. For some companies, it is more efficient to outsource the research and writing of blog articles. If you are looking to hire a blog writer for your business we can make it happen. Let's talk about  Blog Writing Services

SEO copywriting combines writing and search engine optimization

SEO Copywriting

While writing for your audience is essential, your copy should also consider keywords and phrases, as they relate to the marketing objectives of your project. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) first seeks to identify popular and relevant keywords, to determine which keywords to target. These keywords are then used in the writing, menus, titles, image & links tags, and more within your website. If you are unsure what keywords would be most relevant or valuable to your business or goals, it is worthwhile to do some research or get help with keyword ideas before diving into the written content. 

SEO consulting & research are important to clarify and understand the keywords that will ultimately bring qualified traffic to your website. Once your targeted keywords are defined, you will have better clarity on what topics to write about and your blog articles and webpage descriptions can be written with these keywords in mind. Your goal is to write copy that expresses an idea or describes your business and products, while including your keywords in a natural, conversational way. Like any specialized skill, it takes practice.

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Call to action is a key part in blog writing and webpages

Call to Action

We can write the most amazing article, replete with a fascinating topic, unique perspective, keywords and great flow. But if the conclusion is equivalent to a dead end, we risk losing our reader. 

This is where the "call to action" steps upIt's the perfect time to present your toll-free number, special offer, or enews signup. Your call to action might guide your reader to the next step, such as reading a related article or visiting your online store. Ideally, you want to use eye-catching buttons or images to make it pop on the page.

It is also helpful to create an exchange of information while your audience is engaged with your content. There are a number solutions to achieve an ongoing flow of conversation, including onpage commenting, forums and chatrooms, which can be built into your blog or webpages. Two-way conversations can be started between you and your visitor by offering instant messaging or social media connections on your pages.  

In the wrap up, offer ways for your readers to take action, create conversations, or stay engaged with your content. Find out more about using  Call to Action

Copywriting services for websites and social media

Social Media

Blogs with informative articles are a popular choice of business owners and startup entrepreneurs. We also know that good copy is an essential part of creating webpage content. Yet content creation and copywriting services are not just for blogs & webpages.

Social media platforms are an opportunity to present your business and products with professional and engaging copy. Did you know that your online profiles count for search engines as well? LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more are rife with keyword writing opportunities; Google not only uses existing words, tags, and media, but is constantly updating what its algorithms read as content. Be mindful of all online content including pdf documents, images, videos, chats and comments. Great descriptions, keywords, user name and category selections are essential to stand out on your social media profiles.

Besides your profile descriptions, there are many small snippets on social media as well that require good writing skills and seo knowledge. Just like websites, keep in mind that the visual media you present within your profiles are also an essential part of marketing online. Images and videos should enhance the message of your written content and include your keywords on all available 'tags' for effective seo marketing.

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Copywriting is an essential part of creating online or offline content. Blogs, webpages, and social media profiles benefit from great copy that effectively uses keywords and call to action. Rich media is a growing trend and a well written script is paramount for creating videos with powerful messages. Brochures, business presentations, and other print media will shine with polished, professional copy. We are here to answer your questions about Copywriting & Blogging You can also Visit Our Blog for more great tips for marketing online.