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Branding & Logo Design

Now that you know your marketing objectives, we get to work on developing your visual concept. Your brand is the visual centerpiece for all your marketing efforts. It all starts with a professionally designed logo; this small piece of "advertising real estate" needs to accomplish a lot:

  • Does your logo easily identify your business and industry? At first glance, we want to know who you are and what you do. A good logo design will convey your business without looking busy or sending too many messages.
  • Does your logo appeal to your target market? For instance, if your business is a play center for children, you don't want to use formal fonts or serious color schemes. If you're in the legal industry, let's hope those fonts and lines are not playful, but convey sense of stability and trustworthiness.
  • Is your logo so busy that it's hard to look at or gets confusing and sends too many messages? If images are used, are they professionally designed or does it have a copy and paste or clipart appearance? If it looks cheap, copied or like it was hastily thrown together, that's exactly the message you will convey about your business to your clients and prospects.
  • Is your logo scalable to the smallest size requirement (such as letterhead or webpage links) to the largest size requirement (such as billboards or vehicle designs) without losing quality or readability?
If you need a logo for a new business or your current logo does not meet the above criteria, let this be the first place you invest your dollar. Let's talk about Logo Design!