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August 30, 2015
  Kids CDs, Children's Concerts & Music Classes

Award Winning, West Coast Children's Entertainer, Marnie Grey offers a delightful roster of fun for babies, tots, and preschool children and her passion comes through in everything she does. Concerts, Classes, Music CDs... It's all about the kids!

With her musical talent, background in early childhood education and desire to create an enriched learning environment, Marnie has developed five unique movement and music classes. Her consecutive sell-out concerts will have both kids and parents eager to get up and move, and her action packed music CDs are full of sing-alongs that make learning fun!

Marnie's website has been designed with kids and busy parents in mind; featuring the Music with Marnie Characters, bright colours and animations make the website both engaging and easy to navigate. You can Sign up for Classes and RVSP to Concerts, Shop for CDs, Mp3 Songs, T-Shirts and Toys! Your kids can even watch Marnie's Videos on the website! Drop-in online anytime, and see what's happening right now!


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