Form & Function in Web Design

Web Design

Form & Function

This is where art and technology come together in harmony; it takes both disciplines to create a visually attractive, easy to navigate, and functional website. But that is just the beginning. Truly effective web design combines artistic, technical, and marketing skills to create a powerful online presence.

A simple informational website starts with great graphics, smart write-ups, and quality photos. Create pages for your company profile, product offering, a contact page and you’re all set, right? Actually, there are quite a few key considerations for building even the most basic of websites.

Traditional marketing Principles

Your website needs to have a goal or purpose and be a part of your overall business plan. If you want to be found online, your webpages must include content designed both for your target market and the search engines, like Google. Your copy should include keywords and phrases, conversational flow, and marketing objectives.

What Are You Selling?

Will you sell products or services online? There are many solutions for transacting online, from simple secure online forms to robust e-commerce stores. Even though the technology behind the scenes can be complex, the shopping experience should be easy and convenient. Just like there are comfy resting spots and ice cream shops in the shopping mall, it’s important to create an enjoyable shopping experience for your buyers.

Even if you do not plan to have an e-commerce solution within your website, keep in mind that your website is always marketing and pre-selling to your audience. Your webpage content can help turn cold prospects into hot prospects. Keeping your audience engaged and providing information of value will encourage viewers to take the next steps in the buying process. See your website content through the eyes of your audience and be sure to include a “call to action” throughout your pages.

Flow of Information

Webpages displaying organized lists of services and beautiful interactive galleries are provided to present product offerings to prospective buyers. This one-way flow of information is a useful part of web design. Yet, it is vital to provide an exchange of information to engage with your audience and reach your marketing goals. Solutions can be added to your website to promote two-way communication and an ongoing flow of information. Consider including a chatroom, blog commenting, social media links & feeds, or e-news services.

Be responsive & Secure

A modern website will not look exactly the same on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, as it does on large, high-resolution desktop screens and laptops. Responsive web design allows webpages to adapt visually depending on the device being used. Be sure your website design includes scalable, flexible or responsive options to pass Google’s mobile-friendly criteria and provide the best experience for your visitors.

We have moved to a secure Internet experience for all content. This includes not only e-commerce and data collection websites, but informational display websites as well. Be sure you have a Secure Certificate (SSL Certificate) installed for every public domain name in use. The secure status (or non-secure status) of your website will be displayed in browsers, typically with a locked pad (or unlocked pad) next to your website address. A 100% secure website fosters trust for your viewers and favorable inclusion in Google, so make sure all content in your webpages is pointing to your secure address (https:// and not http://).

In-House or Outsource

Some entrepreneurs decide on a DIY approach or delegate the task of designing the company website to employees. Business owners also need to decide to handle webpage updates in-house or contract out website maintenance. Where-ever you are in your web design process, we can provide additions, redesigns, hosting, and training. Plus, we offer client-managed systems that are easy to learn and login accessible.

Whether you need full web design services or a bit of help or training, reach out to us for your web design needs.

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