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When social media first became popular, there were just a few main platforms populated with individuals, a.k.a. consumers. Since then, many new social apps have emerged and gained popularity. Notably, businesses now make up a significant portion of the populous of mainstream social platforms. Without a doubt, social media networks are a critical part of doing business online.

Social Blogs

Blogging sites such as Tumblr and Reddit are a popular choice for business owners and startup entrepreneurs to tap into the markets these sites offer. Well-written articles can attract interest, encourage engagement, and lead to broader market exposure or repeat sales. Therefore, it’s important that you have your marketing goals and writing topics clearly defined before you begin. If you are running a blog on your company website, you can also share snippets or shorter articles to social blogs and lead readers to relevant pages of your website.

Way to Rank

Did you know that your social media content counts for search engine ranking as well? In addition to blogging sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more are rife with keyword writing opportunities. Besides your profile descriptions, there are many small snippets on social media that require good writing skills and SEO knowledge. Google not only uses existing words, tags, and media but is constantly updating what its algorithms read as content. Be mindful of all online content including pdf documents, images, videos, chats, and comments.

I Poppin’

Some social sites are geared toward visual bites of advertising. Photos and graphics form the basis for sites like Pinterest and Instagram, so be sure your graphics are well designed and deliver effective messages. Keep in mind, too that all visual media you present are key components of your marketing campaigns, so design around your branding. Even your posts, photos, and shares should be reflective of the look and overall tone of your marketing message. You can contact us for custom social media package designs that make it easy to create eye-poppin’ posts.

The Ocean In motion

Creating content for a sea of multi-media platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Tiktok require more enhanced production, compared to still graphics and posts. Rich media is an ever-changing trend as our Internet evolves video and sound production. Videos can be designed with a simple set of animated photos to full-featured promotional videos. We offer:

  • Script Writing
  • Video Personality / Voice Talent
  • Whiteboard & Explainer Videos
  • Sound Effects (Foley) & Musical Soundtracks
  • Original Music Jingles
  • Video Post Production

Get Connected

Your social networking sites benefit from professional graphics and marketing skills. Like your website, design your profiles within the context of your overall business and marketing goals. Images and videos should enhance the message of your written content and include your keywords on all available ‘tags’ for effective SEO Marketing. Lastly, keep user names and category selections consistent for cohesive branding and viewer recognition.

Whether you are writing bios, posting a short tweet, or writing full articles, social sites and apps are an opportunity to present your business with professional design and engaging copy.

Need help with social media setups, content writing, branded social media designs, or ongoing social media posts? Get started with us and stand out from the crowd.

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