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Seo Copywriting

Rise to the Top

The job of SEO Copywriting is to help your content rank on keyword phrases in search engine results. While brochures, business letters, and other print media will shine with polished, professional copy, creating great online content builds on the traditional writing approach and presents new challenges. Let’s look at some key points for creating effective digital content.

While writing for your audience is essential, your copy must also consider keywords and phrases, as they relate to the marketing objectives of your project. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) first seeks to identify popular and relevant keywords, to determine which keywords to target. These keywords are then used in the writing, menus, titles, image & link tags, and more. If you are unsure what keywords would be most relevant or valuable to your business or goals, it is worthwhile to do some research or get help with keyword ideas before diving into the written content.

SEO consulting & market research are important pieces to clarify and understand the keywords that will ultimately bring qualified traffic to your online presence. Once your targeted keywords are defined, you will have better clarity on what topics to write about. Your blog articles, webpage descriptions, and social media profiles can be written with these keywords in mind. Your goal is to write copy that expresses an idea or describes your business and products, while including your keywords in a natural, conversational way. Like any specialized skill, it takes practice.

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Call To Action

Call to Action

We can write the most amazing article, replete with a fascinating topic, unique perspective, keywords and great flow. But if the conclusion is equivalent to a dead end, we risk losing our reader.

This is where the “call to action” steps up. It’s the perfect time to present your toll-free number, special offer, or enews signup. Your call to action might guide your reader to the next step, such as reading a related article or visiting your online store. Ideally, you want to use eye-catching buttons or images to make it pop on the page.

It is also helpful to create an exchange of information while your audience is engaged with your content. There are a number solutions to achieve an ongoing flow of conversation, including on-page commenting, forums and chatrooms, which can be built into your blog or webpages. Two-way conversations can be started between you and your visitor by offering instant messaging or social media connections on your pages.

In the wrap up, offer ways for your readers to take action, create conversations, or stay engaged with your content. Visit our marketing blog for some samples of SEO copywriting and call to action. As always, you can contact us to get started with any of our services.

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