Blog Writing

Blog Writing

Creating a blog is a popular approach to attracting new business and improving results in search engines. Blog writing for webpages, social media, and ad content requires a unique set of skills; copywriting, marketing intelligence, and keyword knowledge are essential in meeting your online marketing goals.

The goal of blog writing is to inform or entertain, providing value to your readers. Be sure to choose a topic that your target audience finds interesting or deems necessary to their goals. Effective use of language, creating a ‘tone’ relevant to the project, and expressing thoughts with a unique twist are great approaches to engage your audience.

Your blogging strategy might be to write articles based on your expertise in your field. By educating your readers, you help them to make better buying decisions. Choose to write a blog that puts your audience at the center and you will strengthen the relationship by establishing trust. Blogging is an opportunity to increase integrity in your business and define your customer service policy as one of caring.

Consider the overall marketing goals for your business before starting your blog to make sure they are in sync. You will naturally start using “keyword phrases” related to your industry or product knowledge while writing your articles. Make sure these words and phrases match up with how you want to be found in searches. Create a list of 10 or more keywords that are valuable to your online presence and keep these handy when researching topics and writing your articles. (See more on seo and keywords here.)

Blogging can be time consuming and skill heavy. For some companies, it is more efficient to outsource the research and writing of blog articles. If you are looking to hire a blog writer for your business we can make it happen. Let’s talk about Blog Writing Services.

Next up, let’s take a look at keyword placement in your content, as we explore SEO Copywriting.

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