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April 15, 2015

Your Website & Google's New Mobile Friendly Ranking

Some important changes are happening at Google! With the ever increasing use of mobile devises; laptops, tablets, and smartphones to search the Internet, websites that adapt and display in a mobile friendly format is more important than ever. As of April 21, 2015, Google will launch its new Algorithms which will analyze the mobile friendliness of every page of your website.

Algorithms are computer programs that look for clues to give you back exactly what you want when you are searching Google. This new one from Google will evaluate whether or not your website is mobile friendly, will be used to rank your website, and will have a significant impact on how Google places your website. Here are a couple key points:
  1. Mobile Results Affected the Most This effect will be seen more when searching on mobile devices, than on desktop computer searches. Keep in mind that mobility is here to stay and the percentage of Internet users on mobile devices will continue to increase, along with advances in mobile technologies.
  2. No Grey Area The new Google algorithm is a Yes or No answer; either your website is mobile friendly, or it's not.
So how do you know if your website will be affected? Some key factors to consider are:
  1. When Your Website was Designed Technology is advancing at breakneck speed, and the website platforms and code used to develop websites is no exception. While even 5 years can fly by us so fast, those same 5 years may mean dated technologies in your website and may not meet Google's new standards. If your website was designed 10 years ago or more, we can pretty much guarantee it will not meet the new mobile friendly standards set out by Google.
  2. Non Mobile Friendly Content Some features in particular are no longer viewable on mobile devices. One of these is Flash content which impacted millions of websites worldwide. Other features may include multi-media such as video and photo galleries using technologies that are not designed to display or adapt on mobile.
  3. Analyze Your Website Contact Lani for a free mobile friendly analysis of your website. You will have your 'yes or no' answer within minutes.
If you have been comtemplating a website redesign, or are looking to have a new website built, there has never been a better time to create a fresh new look that is appealing to your business, your visitors... and to Google's ranking system.