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March 24, 2016
Professional Writing Services Once More ... with Meaning!

Do you need an engaging writer who can capture the attention of an audience? ... I offer professional writing services that will highlight your advantages, emphasize your competitive edge and direct readers to your call to action. Ad copy, blogs, SEO, and creative writing are some of the services I provide to ensure you are sending an effective message!

I have a diversified business background and have combined my passions in marketing and communications, technology and design to bring you a comprehensive set of skills. My Internet marketing and consulting company offers complementary branding, logo design, and web development services. The philosophy is to work intuitively with you, understand your particular marketing needs, and deliver services to help you reach your goals.

I am also a song writer, singer and recording artist, so I bring a genuine artistic aspect to your writing and design projects. Song writing is a unique talent which demands one to convey a powerful message in a succinct and structured format. I take a fresh look at my writing approach every time I put pen to paper, often coming up with unique ways of expressing common meanings or coining phrases. Put this originality to work for you; if you need a jingle, or multi-media project requiring both visual and musical talent, I've got the beat down for you. Visit to have a listen.

I have a box full of tools which I can use to tighten, tweak and stabilize your marketing efforts and ultimately, impact your clients' buying behavior. You can be sure that the writing services and design concepts you need will be both creative and compelling. Contact me to get started!