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February 3, 2020
Working remotely with a lake view while sending enews Benefits of eNews

What goes nicely with eco-friendly business practices and working remotely with a great view?! Instead of printing & distributing paper and ink heavy marketing materials, your mobile device and a decent Internet connection are your tools to communicate with clients & prospects from just about anywhere in the world.

One of the main benefits of running an eNews service is to build your base of prospects and customers, while delivering a personalized opt-in service directly to your reader's inbox. A simple form on your website can capture a subscriber's name & email to be added to your eNews service. Consider offering an incentive such as a freebie for new subscribers. A one-time discount or giveaway, such as a “Top 10 Tips” brochure, video or audio clip can offer value without incurring repeat costs to your business. As your prospect list builds, your opportunity is to encourage ongoing interaction:

  • Offer links to your website relevant to your articles.
  • Provide sales incentives, promos or discounts.
  • Offer free, short consultations for first time clients.
  • Inform your readers of upcoming events.
  • Encourage questions and ask for opinions or feedback.

While eNews is great for building your prospect list, this method of delivery does not help with your website's search engine optimization, since the content is delivered via email, rather than as webpages of a blog. It is also important that you abide by CAN-SPAM's requirements, including that your list consists of voluntary "opted-in" subscribers and that an unsubscribe method is provided in each enewsletter. There are excellent eNews services available which can handle these tasks & more.

Many people need a little knowledge or assistance to get their eNews Service started. We can help you get set up with an eNews service that helps to manage tasks like sending out great looking enewsletters and managing your subscriber lists. Services can be connected to your website to assist with automatic signups. With expertise in copywriting, web development and marketing, LANiMedia is also well equipped to provide full eNews services to your business. Feel free to reach out with your questions!