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January 22, 2020
eBrochures Benefits of Blogs

First, let's clarify the difference between a Blog and an eNews Service. Blogs consist of a series of Articles which are read online on a website or other online platforms such as social media. An eNews service seeks to gather names & emails from interested parties and then delivers the news directly to subscribers' inbox. So which is best? Both are beneficial! Choosing one over the other or even both solutions will depend on your goals.

All About Blogs
Typically, website owners will create a blog focused on their area of expertise in business or industry. Consumers are seeking to be well informed before purchasing goods or services. The information available online allows the savvy buyer to research not only the product options but also the companies providing the goods and services.

Your opportunity here is to guide your consumers to your website by capturing the keywords and hot topics that potential buyers are searching and incorporate them into your blog articles. In this way, your blog can help optimize your webpages for Google and increase the number of visitors to your website. If your goal is to add fresh content and keywords for improved search engine results, be sure to build the blog on your own website domain (blog pages stay within your “.com”). Blogging services may look attractive, but realize that if you choose to host your blog on a website domain other than your own, you are providing this content to their website, not your own.

Once your visitor has landed on your blog pages, you have a platform to showcase your business expertise and highlight your competitive edge. For instance, your articles can describe the pros and cons of different installation methods or compare quality/higher cost versus disposable/lower cost options of a particular product. Sum up your article with what type of product or service your company offers. Be sure to include a 'call to action' such as a phone number or a link to your online store.

Whether your blog is designed to inform or entertain, it is dependent on readers returning to your website for future articles. A Blog also lacks the direct delivery & personalized method of the eNews service. We will cover the benefits of an eNews service in our next blog ... how ironic ;)

Many businesses are in need of time, knowledge or personnel to get a blog service underway. Perhaps you have a staff member who is ready to take on the task. LANiMedia can offer setups and training to get your business started. With expertise in copywriting, search engine optimization, web development and marketing, we are also well equipped to provide full Blogging services to your business. Feel free to reach out with questions about this service and more.